Cosmos Holds Nation’s 1st Evolutionary Revival

January 8, 2008
15 February 2008, (Friday), 7:00 PM, First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego
Join with Cosmos as one of North America’s greatest integrators of science and religion, the Reverend Michael Dowd, leads a celebratory, enlightening exploration of the stupendous blessing of being the universe in the form of the human, the cosmos in conscious self-awareness. The evolutionary revival is a participatory celebration to help us all tap into the deep well of joy, compassion and commitment inside us so we may live a life of evolutionary integrity, in harmony with the deep underlying patterns of evolution in earth and in the universe. Learn about the creative powers of the universe and how we humans can align with them to enter into mutually enhancing relationships with the other life forms that constitute the earth community. Discover the deep joy that comes from knowing how to fit into the greater world of all integral members. The evolutionary revival will draw on the revelations of sciences and the work of creative, religious thinkers and teachers from around the world. It will evoke love, joy, peace and awakening. Michael Dowd will share the great news of humanity’s role in this magnificent universe that is evolving toward greater complexity, consciousness and expanding circles of love, care, compassion and concern. The Cosmic House Band will lead songs with uplifting rhythms and lyrics.

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