Cosmos Reconvenes

January 7, 2009

Hi Everyone,

Cosmos will reconvene on Saturday, the 24th of January, at 7:00 PM in Bard Hall Lounge, at First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego . We will be exploring the fundamental themes of Cosmos, including the story of the universe, from the great flaring forth, the fireball, through the evolution of galaxies, stars, planets, earth, life and our present moment. We will be exploring our human role in the evolution of earth and cosmos with special attention to how we are to respond to the cataclysm the earth is going through currently. The human caused devastation of earth’s life support systems is ongoing and how we respond to this is going to determine the future for millions of years to come. What are the lessons from the universe about how we might respond to this in the most creative and life affirming way possible?

 You are invited to participate in the conversation!

 Keith Mesecher


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