Cosmos Meets in January

December 20, 2009

Dear Friends,

Cosmos will meet the 4th Saturday in January. The topic will be personal transformation and how by transforming ourselves and our way of relating to the world we can, together, transform the world. Perhaps 2010 will begin the decade in which a worldwide transformation gets underway in a clear and dramatic way. A deep transformation of human identity and culture, and our relationship to other species and the earth, is required now. We are called in the direction of love, peace, joy, care of self, care of world as self, care of the whole of which we are members. Let us begin this new decade with the understanding that our role is to participate in a transformation in which we and all of humankind move into a harmonious, mutually enhancing, relationship with all the beings that constitute the earth community, even the great cosmic community. All of life and all of existence is community. We have only to remember this fundamental fact to bring about the transformation needed.

The beloved communithy of all existence and our awareness of this will call forth the creativity needed to bring us to a sustainable, viable, thriving relationship to the planet. Together we can accomplish this great transformation.

The organization Cosmos is here to help us celebrate our great good fortune at being this magnificent universe self-aware and evolving in a fresh new way through us. We will not meet in December but in January we will continue our 4th Saturday of the month, 7PM schedule. We aim to facilitate the transformation of our life on earth in the direction of mutually enhancing relationships with all beings. We aim to contribute to the realization of the beloved community of all beings, animal, plant and mineral, on the earth, in the universe.

Happy hollidays,
happy new year
happy new decade
happy living transforming the world,



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