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Cosmos Celebrations and Salons

March 10, 2008

Cosmos holds monthly celebrations and salons in Clark Chapel, at First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego, 4190 Front Street, 619-298-9978. We explore and celebrate where we are in the journey of the evolving universe. We celebrate the reality that the universe has evolved for 14 billion years to reach a time and place here on earth when it now experiences itself in conscious self awareness. That is the stunning gift we humans have received. We are the universe self aware in a fresh, new and powerful way. Never before has a species been endowed with the powers that we have which allow us, for better and for worse, to shape the future evolution of the planet. We are doing this, and we need to see ourselves as the world shaping force we are and have a vision of our way forward. We need to know our role in the cosmos and in the evolution of the earth. The universe is best understood as a story. It had a beginning 13.7 billion years ago and has unfolded through an astonishing series of transformations to reach our present moment. It’s unfolding is not over and we are playing a role in it. We begin with science, with what we know that has come from cultures all over the world and has been tested and proven. Then we reflect on our role in the universe. This is not a scientific question. It is one of ethics and esthetics, choice and desire. It is a religious and a spiritual question, involving art and love. This is the marriage of science and religion. It is important that we start with the science. This gives us a truly universal footing based on the work of all the world’s peoples over centuries. Join us as we explore and celebrate, in a highly participatory service, the story of the universe and our role in its majestic unfolding. Join us as we launch ourselves on the Great Work of “ensuring a just, beautiful and sustainably life giving world for future generations of humans and as many other species as possible” to quote Michael Dowd. 

Keith Mesecher