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April 25th COSMOS Gathering

April 21, 2009

Dear Friends,

COSMOS presents: The Art and Joy of Personal and Planetary Transformation
You are invited to the monthly Cosmos Gathering which will take place in Bard Hall Lounge on the 4th Saturday of this month, April 25th, from 7:00 – 9:00 PM.
The topic for the evening is the great joy, even ecstasy, that flows into us human beings when we realize we are integral to this magnificent, evolving universe, whose story is our story, and that we have a role to play in its unfolding.
We are at a moment in the evolution of the earth, even the universe, when a great awakening and a great transformation are called for, an awakening of human consciousness and a transformation of the way the human species is interacting with all the other species and beings that constitute the earth community, toward a more mutually enhancing relationship.  The alternative is the mass extinction and the vast destruction of the earth and the unnecessary suffering currently underway because of the actions of human beings.
We humans have the capacity for radical transformation, and our transformation to a more mutually enhancing presence on the planet is called for now. The subject of this evening is how we can participate more effectively in the transformation of human consciousness, human culture and the human presence on the earth, and how we can experience the joy that comes with the great awakening to which we are called.
Join us for songs and poems of celebration, the latest news from the evolving universe, and for a conversation in which we all learn together.
And please note:
You are also invited to attend an amazing conference at which Michael Dowd, who inspired this whole Cosmos adventure, Duane Elgin, author of Voluntary Simplicity and The Living Unvierse, and other luminaries will be presenting and at which I have been invited to lead celebratory singing to the Cosmos songs I’ve been writing and give a talk. The conference is:
Science, Wisdom, and the Future
Humanity’s Quest for a Flourishing Earth   

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If you are at all interested make your room reservations right away. You can always cancel. 
Yours in the great adventure of learning to live in harmony with the earth and the universe,
Keith Mesecher
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